Mozart For Class 1 To 5

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Write down five nouns of the 2nd inducement in and prepositional cases of singular. Write down two examples of nouns of the 2nd inducement which in a prepositional case terminate on - and.

Performance of the tasks devoted to writing before the - shchik-, it is also important to carry out on a phonetic basis, learning to correlate a pronunciation of soft consonants to a softness sign on the letter (the concreter, the fitter).

development of the speech of pupils: generalization of an active and passive vocabulary, grammatical system of the speech of pupils; mastering standards of the literary language; formation and improvement at them competent and free possession of oral and written language; ability formation coherently to state the thoughts in oral and written forms.

The rule of writing not with nouns contains two ways of spelling action, for pupils: replacement of the word with a synonym and the analysis of sense of the offer from the point of view of opposition existence. Also it is necessary to pay the main attention to them.

- to coordinate adjectives and verbs in past tense with common gender nouns, nouns, ­ only in unit or in the plural, with indeclinable and with abridgements; to respect the rules of management of nouns in verbal phrases (according to the list);

Let's remind need of accurate use of system of designations of a spelling pattern (to designate a morpheme, a spelling pattern; to emphasize a spelling pattern with one line; to the reasons of its emergence and a condition of a choice of writing by two lines).

Data on change of nouns on cases and of definition of case forms are generally familiar to pupils and therefore work will be organized with a support on their independent activity. Tasks are possible: to allocate the basic rule in the paragraph (rule of definition case, to specify new (oblique cases).

Data on division of nouns on value on concrete, material and abstract are new to fifth-graders. In the course of performance of exercises knowledge of pupils of lexicon goes deep, their lexicon becomes more active: to pupils it is necessary not only to distribute nouns on categories on value, but also to add each lexical row.

By consideration of number of nouns data on categories of nouns, new to the fifth-graders having a form only of singular, and nouns having a form only of plural are reported.

Such cases of the complicated fonetiko-morphemic analysis on the basis of the samples given in the Textbook have to be shown to pupils. However it is not necessary to consider wrong and such option of analysis of the word with a suffix - -: to a bezoorozhya. This assumption is possible at school.

At repetition of types of inducement of nouns pupils will remember that the morpheme specifying on defined, is the termination of the Nominative case of the only ; that noun gender is considered only when in the word the zero termination (a horse — a masculine gender, so 2nd, night — a feminine gender, the 3rd inducement.

General information about ways of word formation, already familiar to pupils, is concretized in relation to a name. The attention of pupils concentrates on group of words on value of word-formation suffixes.

On the example of morphemic and spelling analysis of such words pupils master value of alternation in definition of related communications of words and their spelling. The solution of similar morphemic and spelling tasks develops a feeling for language, operating range the word, facilitates selection of words and allocation of morphemes, understanding lexical a of a root morpheme, allocation of suffixes, prefixes. At an of systematic carrying out full morphemic analysis becomes the major factor in formation of literacy.

The increased difficulty of this task defines its place in the offered sequence of exercises: work ­ after fixing and training in application of the main thesis of the rule (about a suffix choice - chik-or - shchik-).

Write down five nouns of the 1st inducement. Put them in genitive, dative and prepositional cases of the 1st inducement of singular. Write down examples of nouns which in a prepositional case of singular terminate on - and.