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For exchange trade high concentration of turnovers of the countries and the exchanges is characteristic. The overwhelming part of an exchange turn is concentrated in the leading shopping and financial centers of the world - the USA, Great Britain and Japan on which it falls to 98 percent of volume of exchange transactions with goods in value terms. Besides at commodity exchanges it is conducted also future and option trade by values, currencies, interest rates, etc.

As - there is a quotation of the prices at the exchange. The quotation of the prices is one of the main functions of commodity exchange. Let's track as there is this process on a simple example. Let's allow we have twenty producers and hundred pokupa-

Creation of the exchange and as commercial enterprise of joint-stock type is possible. But thus organizers - participants has to be considerably less, than the clients using its services. Then in interests of founders work of the exchange due to any providing intermediary services will affect profitable.

The commodity exchange, as a rule, is not the commercial enterprise. Receiving big profit is not its purpose. With a certain share of convention commodity exchanges can be presented in the form of consortium which is created by the interested producers and intermediary firms for implementation of the joint project of the organization of the controlled market of goods providing to everyone

Speaking generally, the "future" markets have huge potential for a set of the operations connected with fast "modulation" of the capital and goods, that is liquidity. One of indicators of liquidity is the total amount of trade at the exchanges. Trade volume at the future exchanges only with goods exceeds 5 trillion dollars.

In general concrete actions of activity of the exchanges can be broken into the following groups: activity of the exchanges as body of protection of interests of trade; creation of the central market; identification of a condition of the market and prices; assistance to development of higher forms of trade.

At the THIRD stage initiators of creation of commodity exchange choose her potential founders. Information collected by initiators in the course of economic activity, and also available for other organizations, for example for statistical management, etc. is for this purpose used.

leny konjyuktura of the market. It is based on three characteristics: the first - a ratio of supply and demand on each goods; the second - tendencies of the movement of the prices, i.e. the loudspeaker of the prices of each goods during this period of the exchange auction; the third - number of perfect transactions.

It is necessary to copy only those goods transactions on which are made systematically. In other words, only the major, constantly exposed resources entered in the firm list - base of the exchange bulletin are quoted.