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One more feature of development of the modern world market – formation of large regional trade blocks, of course, in such groups develop not only trade relations, but they remained prevailing and initial for these associations. Such largest blocks nine:

For understanding of the nature of the competition the main unit is the branch (not very well, processing or from the sphere to an usl, i.e. group of the competitors who are making goods or services and directly competing among themselves. Strategically significant branch includes products with similar sources of competitive advantage. Besides, there can be related branches at which production – the same indicators, the production technology or sales channels, but they impose the requirements to competitive advantage. In practice of border are always very indistinct.

New technologies. Change of technology can create new opportunities for development of goods, new ways of marketing, production or delivery and improvement of service or services. It most often precedes strategically important innovations.

Firms have to not only react to changes of structure of branch and try to change it in own favor, but also to choose a position within branch. The position in branch is approach of firm in general to the competition, and not just its production or for whom it is designed.

In development the world market sensitively allocated two components: market of basic goods and market of finished products. Modern scientific and technical revolution stratified the market of final goods, as criterion for their allocation the level of technological effectiveness of production served./1/

The competitive strategy elected by firm defines a way with which the firm carries out separate kinds of activity. Firms get competitive advantage, developing new ways of performance of activity, introducing new technologies or initial components of production. They enter with them the market, and then it is innovations.

In this market the technology turns into goods. The commodity form of technology assumes its entry into the market in the form of the patent, a know-how, a know-how, separate samples of the equipment. These types of goods can separately be on sale, but purchase of a package of innovations gives the greatest effect. So upon purchase of the new equipment also the package of accompanying documentation, special tools and adaptations are at the same time bought. The firm supplier installs the new equipment, carries out its installation, start-up, transfers the know-how, guarantees repair during certain time./3/

In the international market firms, but not the countries compete. It is necessary to understand as the firm creates and holds competitive advantage. At the present stage of possibility of firms are not limited to borders of their country of basing. For a role of global strategy in creation of competitive advantage it is necessary to pay special attention since these strategy completely change a role of the country of basing.

Eventually firms bypass the rivals if have strong competitive advantage. Competitive advantage shares on 2 main types: lower costs and differentiation of goods. Low costs reflect ability of firm to develop, let out and sell comparable goods with smaller expenses, than competitors. Selling goods on same (or approximately to such price, as competitors, the firm in this case gets ó profit.